About Us

The Basics of Soup Ottawa:

Soup Ottawa is a recurring micro-grant participatory dinner event

  1. $10 entrance fee gets you soup and a vote.

  2. Presenters showcase their projects that benefit the community.

  3. Attendees spend the evening hearing about a series of project proposals and conversing with the people behind each idea.

  4. We vote to grant the proceeds to the most inspiring project.

The Soup Ottawa Project:

  • follows a transparent, experimental, philanthropic, grassroots model to fund small to medium-sized creative projects.

  • fosters physical place-based community, bringing together funders and fundees around the table.

  • is inspired by the international Sunday Soup network of meal-based micro-funding events, taking inspiration from similar projects around the world.

The Soup Ottawa Vision

  • is an experiment in collective civic engagement.

  • generates independent funding and sparks dialogue about what’s happening in our community.

  • stimulates and promotes imaginative practices that may not be eligible for formal funding.

  • serves as a way to build a network of support that reaches beyond purely monetary assistance – at its best, it is a platform in which to discuss ongoing projects with new audiences, meet new collaborators, and share ways of working.

  • raises awareness about the many needs and resources that help make projects happen.

  • allows us to learn from one another and inspires us to dream.

Who Is Soup Ottawa?

Soup Ottawa organisers are volunteers who care about community building. No one except the winning presenter makes money from these events – we don’t take a single cent of the money raised. We openly invite and encourage anyone interested in organizing future Soup Ottawa events to get in touch with us.