Soup 3: Better Than You Found It (Fall 2013)

Soup Ottawa is quickly becoming a must-join tradition in Ottawa! A sold-out group of Soupers ate Think Lunch soup at Bridgehead’s Roastery and gave a total of $1110 to Making Waves Ottawa! Below are descriptions for our short-listed projects.

Soup Ottawa #3 | Fall 2013 | Theme: Better than you found it

Bridgehead (130 Anderson St. at Preston), November 28, 2013, 6:00pm


1. Project Title: Adapted Alternatives | Brigitte McCauley

Adapted Alternatives is based on taking a shirt and adapting it so an individual who can’t pull a shirt over their head, can continue to be independent. I have had to learn to sew out of necessity for my
father who requires adapted shirts that he uses everyday. However adapted clothing is quite expensive.  I would love to help other families who require affordable adapted clothing for their loved ones. My goal is to expand beyond shirts, I have already thought of ways to adapt other types clothing such as pants while keeping in mind the individual’s dignity and need for independence.

2. Project Title: Second Grace Vintage | Esmeralda Smith Romero and Leah Miller

Second Grace Vintage is an Ottawa company just getting started. Its aim is to tell the stories of Ottawa men and women whose clothing collection narrates a life of adventures and successes. We bridge
vintage clothing sales with oral history and shine a light on the people whose clothing we sell. We host pop-up stores and elegant soirees featuring the person whose collection we work with and celebrate a life well lived. The revenue from sales is then split 60/40 with the client. With each event we tell the story of the person’s life through our own websites as well as through the media. We create look books that feature clothing that is tied to stories and hope to reach the eyes and ears of a younger generation who can appreciate and reflect on the achievements of generations past.

3. Project Title: Depave Paradise | Tricia Enns, Josh Snider, Karen Hawley, Angela Keller-Herzog, Janice Ashworth

Removing asphalt and concrete at neighbourhood workbees is an exciting new trend that renews, beautifies and makes better use of neglected urban spaces. The hands-on depaving process captures the hearts and energies of diverse people with a shared goal of creating vibrant, beautiful and healthy communities. Depave Paradise demonstration projects motivate volunteers to continue depaving, either on their own properties or in common spaces.

4. Project Title: Ottawa Little Free Libraries | Robert Parungao, Sarah Chan

It’s the simple idea of “Take a book, leave a book.” We all have so many books sitting on our shelves collecting dust, and we keep them because we want to share the joy of reading these books
with others.  Now we can. The Little Free Library is a network of mini-libraries situated to share the books we love with our neighbors.  In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone can stop by to pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share.  Boxes are setup outside of people’s homes where anyone can put their books in to share with the local community.

5. Project Title: Making Waves Ottawa | Keara Lundrigan, Rachel, Katie, Emily, Jovian, Monique

Making Waves Ottawa is a non-profit, completely volunteer, student-run organization dedicated to providing one-on-one swimming instruction to children with developmental or physical disabilities at an affordable cost of 20 dollars for 8 weekly swim sessions. We work to ensure flexibility and accessibility in swim instruction, because water safety education should be a right, not a luxury. By working with each child’s abilities and family, our volunteer instructors offer personalized, effective and incredibly fun swim instruction.

6. Project Title: Sesquisharp Productions presents “Façade: An Evening of Rotating Conductors” | Megan Johnson, Jacob Caines, Carolyn Watts, Daniel de Repentigny

We are a volunteer music production company that creates engaging, avant-garde concerts promoting local emerging performance artists. We work with musicians, composers, actors, dancers and performers to collectively create exciting shows based on different themes. Our next concert in March 2014 will feature 3 local conductors each leading an ensemble playing all kinds of music – both traditional and contemporary. The concert is topsy-turvey in it’s creation and will also feature circus performers to add to the mayhem!

For more information on the applications we received for Soup #3, including contact information, please check out our Repository of Goodness!

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